Saturday Spending

Well, when the dam breaks, it really breaks. I went to the grocery store and kind of lost my mind in there a little bit. I bought a lot. I did need the stuff I got, though I completely forgot to buy eggs. Thankfully, July is a new month so I can buy eggs now. :)

So here's what I spent at Fiesta:

$1.50 - tortilla chips for nachos
$1.89 - bagels
$1.99 - cheese (cheddar)
$1.99 - cheese (blend)
$2.19 - cheese (parm)
$3.51 - whole chicken
$1.69 - 2 cans chicken broth
$2.19 - sugar
$2.19 - cheese (cheddar)
$1.00 - cheese (moz)
$1.18 - corn
$1.99 - salsa
$1.00 - ramen (I know, I know)
$3.22 - apples
$0.35 - zucchini
$1.99 - cream cheese
$0.86 - oranges
$1.62 - eggplant
$2.80 - lychee
$0.99 - cantaloupe
$0.97 - nectarine
$3.38 - apricots
$0.34 - guava
$0.99 - honeydew
$0.84 - plums


Money spent: $39.50
Monthly allotment: $40
Amount over monthly allotment for June: $6.71
Remaining balance: $0

All in all, I'm going to call that a win, even though I went $7 over my monthly budget. I hadn't bought groceries since April, and if I can get away spending under fifty dollars for groceries over the course of two months, I feel pretty okay with not having stuck 100% to the monthly budget, since I'm still way under budget for the summer.


  1. Sure, you went over, but you also picked up an amazing assortment of fruit and veg. Sure, you could have left out the lychee and maybe something else, but they're *good*, so why bother... You're still ahead, that's better than I can say.

    Also, that's really not bad for a whole chicken. What'cha gonna do with it?


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