Update, Part Two

It's looking like we'll be heading back to Houston tomorrow at some point. A friend of ours has power and has offered us a place in her home, so we will stock up on food and supplies here and transport them back.

P's school is open already, and mine probably will be by Thursday. I've emailed my professors in an effort to keep up on my studies while I'm not attending. I am hopeful that the financial aid department at my school will process my disbursement soon. It'll be a huge help, since I can't work right now, and am not sure when I'll be able to. I'm not too worried about this, though. It's completely out of my hands, and I'm choosing to focus more on things I do have some control over.

Our landlord is coming into town to survey his other properties in hopes of finding us a place to live while our home is being repaired.

We've filed a claim with FEMA. We'll see how that goes. Thus far, it doesn't seem like they've handled things too smoothly. Any handling is better than none, though. I heard they were finally getting some food to people.

The bank with whom I have my car payment has told me they understand my bank isn't working right now, and will waive any late fees that occur if my payment is late while this mess is cleaned up.

People are setting up furnishings for us to have when we have a place we live, and also are putting together packaged of towels, blankets, sheets, etc. to send us when we have an address again. That all will be a huge help, knowing we don't have to worry about buying replacements for much of what is lost.

As an unrelated piece of good news, my application to the National Scholars Honor Society was accepted. That's good for my resume, and a lovely piece of news at a time like this. I'd completely forgotten I had applied.

I don't think I have anything else to say. So, yeah.


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