We bought a fridge today, but it won't be delivered until next week. I'm glad to know we'll have a fridge soon, but bummed to know my savings are all gone now. I cooked a rice/beans/tomatoes thing (all day, I came home between classes to tend it), but we ultimately decided not to eat it today (P was really craving meat, and we can't have that in the house right now, because meat should actually be refrigerated). It's in the oven hanging out. We'll eat it for breakfast. No fussing - it'll be fine unrefrigerated, as long as we don't let it sit too too long.

I had no time for baking today, so I exercised a small feeling of traditionalism by eating cut up apples drizzled with honey, and forcing a bite into P's mouth. They were really delicious, and I think I might cut more.

Shana Tova, guys.


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