Back in Houston

We came back to Houston last night. Our house still has standing water in it, though not much. We are staying w/ a friend here. She's been really great. 

School starts back on Monday. I haven't decided yet if I'll be doing any work the rest of the week, though it turns out I'll be able to. 

Aleister is truckin' along, like nothing ever happened. Thankfully, he adjusts to new things very, very well.

Our landlord is working on fixing our house, and also the house we'll probably be living in while ours is being repaired.

That's about it. Thanks again, to all who have emailed to express concern and offers for help, as well as all the other people who've kept us in their thoughts, provided a place to stay, have arranged things for us, and so many other things you've done. We cannot express how grateful we are and how lucky we feel.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're safe... My thoughts are with you during this difficult time...

  2. Thank you, Astra. Slowly but surely, we're putting things back together. Now we're just waiting for our home to be repaired and power to be restored so we can go back home. We're both very anxious to be back in our home again!

    And, we're both back in school now. This is good for me, as I kept up with my homework, but not so good for P, who couldn't keep up with his homework since much of it was online.


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