Saturday Spending

Alright, I finished everything of importance on my shopping list. Woo hoo! Of course, I've started a new list (mostly containing lots of benadryl, since if I don't get the allergies under control soon it'll be steroid shot in the arm time, and that's just not fun for anybody), but now I feel like there's food in the house.

You probably would've thought that I'd post more given this whole last week was spring break, but this is where we were all wrong. I thought I'd post more too. But then my white board got in the way. I've finished every piece of reading for two of my classes, plus gotten ahead in the homework for them both. I'm marginally (and by marginally, I mean one day) ahead in one of my other classes, and I'm exactly even in French, which is where I actually want to be in there. I'm still trying to get all my reading done for the class I'm marginally ahead in, but I just don't see myself getting through Purgatorio, Paradiso, Under the Volcano, The Floating Opera and Origin of the Stories by Monday. That's a pipe dream that will never be fulfilled. But that's okay. Other than a dissertation (this thing is brilliant and fascinating, but is taking me a long time to read because I really do feel the writing has both depth and beauty that demands you read and consider each word carefully) I've been reading for a few months that I really need to finish and return to the professor who loaned it to me (and has demonstrated abundant kindness and patience by not sending me a mean email telling me to give it back already), that's all the reading I have left for the semester. All. Like that's nothing, or something. :) That doesn't seem like much, written out this way. It looks like a lot more on my whiteboard, all though those entries on the whiteboard are now surrounded by beautiful, beautiful nothingness. Whiteness. No other work. Amazing.

Anyway, off of the school stuff and onto the grocery shopping. I got a bunch more stuff this week, as you'll see. But now I have food and am no longer concerned about the pathetic state of my pantry. How was y'all's shopping this week?

Whole Foods:

$1.32 - dried mango (unsweetened in little sheets)
$2.13 - poppy seeds
$3.16 - sesame seeds
$2.70 - goat cheddar (I highly recommend this)

subtotal: $9.31
total: $9.31


$2.72 - 5 pounds potatoes
$1.82 - all purpose flour
$1.05 - ramen (I had a craving)
$1.66 - dozen large eggs
$4.00 - 1 pound shredded cheddar
$2.00 - stewed tomatoes, 3 cans
$4.00 - crushed tomatoes, 6 cans
$2.00 - canned corn, 3 cans
$1.78 - cream of celery (I know; I should just make the soup for tuna casserole, but I am lazy)
$2.34 - bratwurst
$2.29 - other kind of sausage that I don't remember and don't feel like looking in the freezer to see
$1.00 - chicken broth (I was out of homemade and canned, strangely)
$3.19 - bread flour
$1.59 - tabasco
$1.99 - fresh tomatoes
$2.44 - field greens
$1.97 - strawberries
$0.79 - bananas
$1.36 - celery
$1.50 - blackberries
$1.00 - garlic
$0.71 - cucumber
$1.19 - something I can't identify on the receipt
-$3.00 - coupon for fresh produce

subtotal: $40.39
total: $49.70


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