Saturday Spending

Yep, this week was a big one. I didn't actually have time to get all the shopping done needed. There are just piles and piles of homework. There is no possible way for me to actually finish everything on my reading list for Spring Break, but that's okay. I'll just get as much done as I can, and that'll be the end of it. I only plan on leaving my house twice during spring break, so that'll help. If one of those times involves groceries, I think I can finish restocking the pantry. If not, such is life.

Anyway, here's everything I bought. There is an abnormal amount of juice this week, because we had someone over for dinner who only drinks juice. And then we drank the rest, of course. There's also a lot in the way of dried fruits (including tomatoes) since I like to take those to school with nuts. How'd y'all do this week?


$1.29 - fresh spinach
$0.99 - two cans corn
$1.00 - 1 pound frozen corn

total:  $3.28
subtotal: $3.28


$1.79 - litre mango juice
$1.79 - litre sour cherry juice
$2.19 - litre apricot juice
$2.19 - litre black currant juice
$1.79 - litre lemon juice (not lemonade)
$3.99 - sesame oil
$4.39 - lime juice (also not limeade)
$7.95 - 5 cans anchovies
$1.79 - 1 can silver skin anchovies
$2.49 - tomato paste (tube)
$5.69 - 1 pound bulgarian feta (this one was not as good as the one we normally get)
$4.89 - 24 ounce jar makdous (I'll get the huge one next time)
$3.97 - 2/3 lb dried sour angelino plums
$1.89 - 6 ounces dried apples
$2.69 - 1/2 pound dried tomatoes
$2.49 - 2 pounds fava beans
$6.59 - 1 pound walnut halves
$1.41 - half pound shallots
$5.49 - 800 grams Saudi dates (I really have come to prefer the Algerian and Tunisian dates, but these are pretty good too, and they have a tiny, tiny seed that I like to look at)

total: $65.49
subtotal: $68.77


$3.00 - 6 cans petite diced tomatoes
$1.18 - 2 cans whole tomatoes
$1.09 - 1 giant can diced tomatoes
$1.18 - 2 pounds linguini
$2.50 - garlic sausage
$2.18 - 1 pound butter
$3.24 - sleepy time extra tisane
$2.58 - 4 pounds spaghetti
$2.39 - all-purpose (unbleached) flour
$3.59 - bread flour
$0.99 - lemon pepper

total: $23.92
subtotal: $92.69
grand total: $92.69

I can't remember exactly what is left on the list. More corn, I'm sure. Probably some canned soups for my lazy-and-sick days (the allergens are starting to really mess with me, though it's rained for days so hopefully that'll help). Crushed tomatoes, for sure. Maybe some more stewed tomatoes. Anchovies? I might have enough, but we'll see. Sardines? I've used all those up. A bit more pasta, too. Strangely, we're only not about to run out because of those pounds I bought this week. Fruit, veggies, definitely. I think we only have, in terms of fresh produce, onions, carrots, a few citrus and shallots left. Maybe also some more frozen veggies such as spinach. I'm on the fence about which fruits to buy though, since I'm about to harvest many loquats. Anyway, we'll see what happens next week!


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