Saturday Spending

And look at this - I actually know what day it is! Saturday, the day of shopping reports. Not much was bought this time either. See, what happened is that I decided I needed to buy a new gun, mainly as a treat because this semester is about to be the death of me, and since Ross can't get time off work for our planned spring break (boo!), and so I took the monies I'd saved for vacation and put them toward a gun. I like to go to the range when I can, and although the semester has kept me too busy to do so lately, I'd like to get back out there again soon. So instead of setting aside some monies to restock the pantry, I paid for my gun, and thusly groceries will have to wait until I get paid next week. I told Ross today that we have no food in the house and he looked at me like I'm a crazy person (which I think at this point I may actually be. But in seriousness I'm out of anchovies and those are my stress food so there really isn't food in my mind) and so I believe that although to me there is no food in the house because there is not an extreme excess of food, to a normal person there is still an abundance (another friend mentioned this to me on Thursday as well so I think I must just have a skewed perspective here).

Anyway, this grocery trip was just for produce essentials. Next week, if I manage to set aside time for proper grocery shopping (I need to visit two separate stores, so...), the bill will be massive. Massive, I tell you. Because I'm not going to be happy until everything is restocked. Anyway, here's the list. How'd y'all do this week?


$3.48 - 6 pounds onions (you'll like that, j!)
$1.99 - 3 pounds carrots
$0.99 - celery

total: $6.46


  1. Yay, onions!

    Yeah, I keep thinking how little food I've got.. when I'm actually dragging close to a week worth around with me. But I haven't got anything, because I'm out of beans, or cheese, or I have (oh noes!) run out of onions.

    You going to share your shopping list before you go, or only what you end up with next week?

  2. Yeah, it's exactly the same for me. I know just how long I could still go (even w/ the dramatic reduction of storage) without shopping for food, but the absence of one thing I really like means I have "no food."

    I was going to share it, but then I realised that I'd actually managed to get most of what was on my list and so it'd be okay to just wait until this Saturday's post since that wraps the list up for the most part. It was quite a long list, though now of course I'm working on another. :)


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