Sunday Storage

This week was pretty standard for getting through things. Lot of pasta, lot of rice (we are now down to three litres of white rice), last of the lentils (though I bought more, as you'll see next Saturday). Also, some more of the rice noodles (another package!), and a bit more tea. I think I'm almost out of yeast, which is bad. I have plenty of flour though, which is good. And, when I believed I was nearly out of molasses, I actually looked to see if I had some before buying more (I did). So some storage was avoided as well. I'm also nearly out of chick peas, so I got some more of those. I guess I use more of those than any other bean. It used to be black beans, but I haven't really been eating those lately for some strange reason. Perhaps I'll start eating those again, or finishing out some of the beans I'm close to being through. We shall see.

How are things going for your pantry staples? Are you building up a large food storage supply; trying, as I am, to pare down yours; or just maintaining?


  1. Right now my pantry is (wait for it)

    A one gallon Ziploc bag.
    It's got...

    a (mostly empty) baggie of cinnamon
    a pound (+/-) of flour
    a baggie of baking powder (I think)
    a little 170ml bottle of oil
    a 4g baggie of curry powder
    12oz of rice
    400g black beans (dry)
    a biiiiig sharpie marker
    couple empty produce bags.

    And that's it. It's also more than I've had for months. It feels nice and really small at the same time. With fresh veggies and the odd bit of cheese, it's about a week worth of food. Well, half a week now.

  2. That sounds like an excellent mobile pantry! Good amount of food, and not too tough to travel with. I also love that even if you don't find any veggies or cheese on any given day, you can still easily make a meal out of it.


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