Saturday Spending

Okay, so here's my most recent shopping trip. Y'all will be plenty surprised to see cocktail onions and banana peppers missing from the list. I'm making a lot of progress through the storage, as you'll see tomorrow, and that of course will result in some changes being made to the way I shop, as things wander on out of the house and actually do need to be replaced. So let's all be on the lookout for that.


$1.09 - saltines
$2.39 - jumbo shells
$1.47 - cabbage
$7.69 - beer
$0.88 - carrots
$0.00 - butter (coupon)
$2.55 - onions
$3.18 - 5 pounds potatoes
$1.30 - canned tomatoes
$2.00 - milk (I buy those little 8 ounce milks, since no one in my house actually drinks milk so it's not worth it to buy a whole carton)
$4.56 - 2 pound ground beef
$2.99 - matzot

total: 30.10


  1. I totally approve of spending the same amount (+/-) on veggies as you spend on beer. I think if more people did that, they'd be happier and eat more veggies.

    Totally win.

    But... I need you to eat pickled foods for me, 'cause I can't find them here.

  2. I too am a big fan on setting a beer budget equal to the veggie budget, j. I've still got a full shelf of pickled foods, so don't worry that I'll run out of them (and I'm definitely eating plenty for you). Where're you at now? I've been too busy with school to keep up with my reading lately.

  3. Still in Guatemala. In Antigua, actually. Which has got to be the biggest tourist town I've even been to. They have *bagel* shops.

    Srsly. Getting ready to head back into Mexico in the next couple weeks, then back to the states for 2 or 3 weeks in November.

    Then Mystery Island over x-mas. I'm tempted to just invite the whole world along. Beer, beach, holiday sun/fun? Perfect, I think.

  4. Oh, that sounds really lovely, j. Even if it is so touristy. I think you probably must be back in Mexico now though. You totally SHOULD invite the whole world along, it'd make for one hell of a party!


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