Sunday Storage

Well, I forgot to put up a post for y'all on this one for last week. But that's okay, since I'm combining it with this week's storage totals. I suspect somehow as long as I tell y'all everything I remember, that things will be just fine with keeping up with what's being used. With finals coming up, I've mostly just been making foods you already know about: tossing together a can of coconut milk and Thai curry then adding some meat and veggies in it to simmer; baked zitis and lasagnas; polenta with some cheese mixed in, etc. Nothing new or exciting. As it stands right now, I'm just trying to keep my academic head above water for the next couple weeks. So mostly you can expect to see nothing new or exciting from me until this semester ends. But at the very least, I'll let y'all know generally what's happening in the kitchen.

1 pound penne (okay, so I didn't make baked ziti. I made baked penne. 6 and 1/2 dozen, I say)
1 pound linguini (puttanesca, of course)
boatloads of rice (most of the jasmine is gone)
thai curry paste
most of the polenta
chocolate chips (for brownies)
2-3 bars of chocolate (also for brownies)
most of the nuts (I believe there's most of a pound of almonds remaining, and a half pound of pecans)
some instant coffee (also for the brownies)


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