Saturday Spending

Once again, I didn't make it to the store this week. This isn't a huge surprise to anyone, is it? I have a gigantic shopping list and unfortunately, no time to buy it all. End of semester and all that jazz. So mainly I've been living on pasta and pre-made sauces all week (sauces I made, not sauces I bought; which you probably knew already). I made a quick baked ziti, using some of the meat sauce, a pound of pasta and the last of the mozzarella (plus I tossed in some mushrooms, onion and red bell pepper that needed to be used up). I made puttanesca, again. I could live off that, I think, sometimes. Plus some bread. And that's mainly what I've eaten all week. Plus I baked a few things for others. The upside of me not grocery shopping is that I have no choice but to use up food storage. The down side is that I'd really like to eat some chicken and I'm fresh out.

So, for April, I'm going to go with the $30/week concept but scale it to a month. Which means I had $120 to spend in April on groceries. Thus far I've spent $63.20, so that leaves me with $56.80 for the next two weeks. I think that's got to be way more than I'll need, particularly given that I don't seem to make it to the grocery store ever. :) However, for one person who'll be in my study group for geometry, I'll be making sesame crusted fish over pasta, which is different from the homemade pizzas everyone else will be eating. And I've got a tray of baklava to make for one of my classes. So that will eat into the remaining budget slightly.

For May, my intention is to do the monthly budget instead of weekly as well. I won't be doing a reduced summer budget this year, since I'm still not clear as to what the food costs in this house are exactly, yet. Then after May is over I'll know if I can bring the budget down to $80, or if I should keep it in the $100-120 range. But of course, you all will know pretty much as soon as I do. :)


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