Sunday Storage

I did well with the food storage use this time too. This time I used up:

1/2 box lasagna sheets
1 pound orzo
1/2 pound rigatoni
1/4 pound black beans
1 bag mint chocolate chips
almost all the light brown sugar
half a bag of bread flour
some all-purpose flour
more white sugar (I am actually nearly out of sugar now)
lots of tea (in fairness, much of this was actually used in an o-chem lab)
rosemary infused olive oil
some jams
half the kamruddin

Also, I blew up my pressure cooker. It was so spectacularly cool I'd kind of like to do it again. Except, of course, it'd be a waste of another good canner. I wasn't injured in the process, though I should've been since my face was right over it when it blew.


  1. And that is probably why I don't own a pressure cooker. Those things scare me so much!

    Congrats on using up a lot of your pantry goods!

  2. Joanne,

    I've had that one for ages, and it's never shown signs of blowing before. I think they're perfectly safe, even still, so long as you use it properly and don't put your face over it when you think it's going to blow. :) And thanks! I'm working hard at getting through the pantry, for sure!


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