You guys know I'm going out of town tomorrow, and that's well and good. But what you don't know, is I might be gone from the blog for a couple weeks or possibly as long as a month. I have no interest in cooking right now, and I've got a lot to do to clear my head space so I can do well in the upcoming semester. I kind of feel like being responsible for anything I'm not truly responsible for (i.e., paying my bills) is a little more than I can handle right now. If I thought I wouldn't be lynched for tossing my phones in the Gulf, I'd do that too. I'm just not really in a people kind of place right now.

So, I'm not ditching you guys, but I am ditching you. For a little bit.


  1. Have a good vacation. Everyone should take one once in a while. The internets will still be here when you feel like coming back.

  2. Ditch away. If you feel like it, dig us back outta the ditch when you feel like coming back. We'll be here. :)

  3. Allie,
    Hopefully I can help you a little with the bills problem. I have a client interested in advertising on your site. You see Gray & Sons had been in the diamond sales & consignment business for over 30 years. The website page for the consignment division is "Sell Us Your Jewelry". Could you list them as a simple text link in your navigation under a category "Great Sites & Services". Let me know if you are interested, what price you charge, or if you have any other offers.

    David Patterson

  4. Thanks, j. I think I've needed one for entirely too long.

    Chile, I'll definitely dig everyone out of the ditch when I'm ready to be internetting (is that even a word?) actively again.

    David, I'm not really having a bills problem. Though I appreciate your offer, I don't really want to do advertising for a site I'm not familiar with already. But again, thank you.

    Joe, will do!

  5. Take care of your trip. We will be waiting until you come back. I hope to see a recipe next time :).

  6. I appreciate your offer, I don't really want to do advertising for a site

  7. I am looking forward for more of your entries. They're pretty catchy.

  8. Thanks, Allison! I'm starting to get back into the swing of things again. :)

  9. Great article.I really appreciate your work.Thanks for sharing information...

  10. You're quite welcome, Ondo. Thanks for stopping by!


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