Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

I woke up late yesterday to go to school, so I didn't have time to eat breakfast before leaving. Fortunately, my Fridays are pretty short so I was still able to be home before noon. On my way home, I had a weird craving for a sandwich, cheese and breakfast. These things only sort of go together, but I remembered I had some brie in the fridge I needed to eat so I wouldn't waste it, and I thought it might be good with some pear preserves I'd canned previously. This worked out really, really well and I will definitely employ this method for quick breakfasts again. I will advise though, that when it's all done, let it rest for 5 or so minutes so the jam can resolidify to some degree. If you don't, I can tell you with certainty that it's extraordinarily painful when hot jam syrup drips onto your wrist. Hope you enjoy!

2 slices bread
1/8 cup each: brie, pear preserves (or other jam/preserves/whatever)

Spread the brie (I may have used more than I said, but it was around that much) on a slice of bread, and spread the preserves on the other slice of bread. Put them together and grill in your usual manner. Let rest 5 or so minutes, then slice in half (or not; your choice). Serves 1.


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