Food Waste Friday

Eek! Again, there is waste. Sometimes when I write these posts I really find myself wanting to mentally beat myself up for wasting food and not for consistently having no waste weeks. But then I think about the utterly shocking amount of waste most Americans produce and I have to remind myself that while no one is perfect, at least I'm making an effort. Does this happen to you guys too? Where you feel huge amounts of guilt but then have to remind yourself that the fact that you're trying has meaning?

Anyway, here's my waste for the week:

1 1/2 portions salad (I don't really see how this happened, since I eat salad every day. I think I bought too big of a bag or something)


  1. I think that's an admirably small amount of waste for the week! I completely sympathize - I'm quite good at making myself feel guilty about things, and then having to remind myself that I need to focus on the positive aspects of my efforts... I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for your GREAT efforts in minimizing waste!

  2. I too am AWESOME at making myself feel guilty about things! Thanks for the reinforcement that my waste is really tiny and that the effort is most important. :)


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