For ages, I have looked at packages of apricot paste when I go to Phoenicia with longing. Lots of longing. Ridiculous amounts of longing. Oh, how I wanted it. However, looking at a 500 gram package of what I equate with fruit roll-ups seemed maybe... not so good for the waistline. So I just looked, and occasionally touched the beautiful, bright orange packages, but never put one in my basket (which really is impressive, given the tiny amount of restraint I have when it comes to food). Then, one day, I was reading one of my favourite Syrian food blogs, Syrian Foodie in London, and I suddenly had a great excuse to buy this stuff. Kano posted a wonderful roundup of traditional Ramadan drinks, including one that contained this enticing paste. It seemed to me that drinking 300 of the 500 grams (and munching on the remaining 200) seemed okay, particularly given that I'd split it with P. Still not great for the waistline, but less damaging given that I wouldn't simply open the package and happily eat my way through the entire thing. I bought a package of the paste. It sat on my counter, and I stared at it over and over, but then an elliptical arrived at my house and I knew the time was right. So I give you Kano's recipe for this delightful drink, kamruddin. The link to Kano's blog takes you directly to the original recipe. This drink was everything I could have wanted, and more. It was sweet and tangy and floral. The only change I would make would be to make it thinner, as the thickness the original recipe has makes it more like a smoothie. I will definitely be making it again. If you see this paste, get it! Hope you enjoy!

300 grams apricot paste
500 mL water (in the future, I'll use a full litre of water)
couple spoonfuls of sugar
1 tablespoon orange blossom water

Cut the paste into one inch-ish pieces (I used a pizza cutter to do this) and put it in a container with the water and sugar. Let it soak for one hour, stirring occasionally. Transfer to a blender and blend well. Add the orange blossom water and blend briefly again. Chill in the fridge before drinking. Serves 2.


  1. Hi Allie

    I am so glad that you tried Kamruddin and you liked it.

    I take your point about the amount of water. I like mine thick like a smoothie as you mentioned but many others will make their drink much thinner.

  2. It's good stuff, Kano - thanks for sharing the recipe, and I'm glad to pass it on to others!

    Yeah, I think I will like it more thinner, but it was good as is.


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