Wanchai Ferry Cashew Chicken

After two hellish days of trying to get caught up with all the homework I missed while I was sick, the last thing on my mind tonight was cooking (and yesterday I was so slammed, we ordered pizza and sandwiches). Enter the Wanchai Ferry stuff. I had two left: Sweet and Sour, plus Cashew Chicken. Nothing really is more disgusting to me than sweet and sour anything, so I'm trying to avoid it. Whenever I make it, you guys will be hearing P's opinions, not mine. :) Anyway, so I decided to make the cashew chicken one. Except I defrosted steak. So we had cashew steak tonight.

It was good. Very good. But it didn't taste like Chinese food. It smelled like Chinese food while it was cooking (lovely notes of ginger and garlic), but the flavour of the beef drastically overpowered the flavours of the sauce. When I tasted just sauce, it was very nice. Same texture as the previous sauces I reviewed. But I think if you guys get this, use a mild meat, like, uh... chicken. :) With steak, it tastes more like a quick version of beef tips and rice.


  1. One of my secrets is a mix for pad Thai that I use when the world is too much with me. I'm glad you've found a source for ones you enjoy. You are very busy and a helping hand now and then is fine in my book.

  2. I totally agree. Some of these cheat meals really are lifesavers some of the time!

  3. The Wanchai Ferry kits have just been launched in Britain, the names a re a bit different I think thay call this Wanchai Ferry Kung Pao Chicken

  4. Cindy,

    Thanks for the update! I hope you enjoy their meals as much as we did!


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