Pumpkin and White Bean Soup

Hello! Once again, I've been away for some time. Sorry for that. First I had the flu (for almost a week!), and then I've mostly been eating out or cooking some standard foods you guys have already seen (or at least seen variations of). Today though, I've made something new.

After I made this pumpkin-ginger soup, I canned all the extra to use later. I'd actually kind of forgotten about it until I was peeking through the canned goods for some meat sauce to take to my biology report. There were a few jars of that soup, so I thought it'd be nice to recreate it into something new for us. Plus, I'd taken out a few tablespoons of pumpkin puree to use for something else I haven't made, so it seemed like a great way to use that up too. Hope you enjoy!

3 slices bacon, cut into small bits ($0.50)
1/2 yellow onion, diced ($0.12)
1 pint pumpkin-ginger soup* ($0.30)
1 - 1 1/2 cup cooked white beans ($0.15)
1/8 cup dried and reconstituted wood ear mushrooms** (optionally, you can chop them) ($0.10)
3 tablespoons pumpkin shell puree (optional) ($0.03)
salt and pepper to taste (penny)
1-2 teaspoons marjoram ($0.03)
pinch freshly ground nutmeg (penny)
1 teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds ($0.05)
water from the mushrooms, plus enough water to make 1 cup (penny)

Fry the bacon, and then add in the onions and fry those. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer over medium heat at least 30 minutes. Serve with bread. Serves 2.

Total cost: $1.31
Per serving: $0.66

*If you have never made this soup or just don't want to, just simmer together some pumpkin puree, water and ginger.
** You can get these very, very cheaply in the Asian markets. They're usually packaged under "dried black fungus."


  1. I really like the combination of flavors you use in this recipe. I'll be trying this real soon.

  2. Thanks, Mary! I hope you enjoy it!


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