Food Waste Friday

Well, this week was pretty terrible. I wasted some grits that I'd set in a pan to form more solidly, for frying. Basically what happened to them is that I put them in the fridge, then put off cooking them. Then I forgot about them. Then I remembered them, and they weren't good anymore. Then I decided not to make more and made something else for dinner instead.

I also wasted 4 figs. I also forgot about those.

2 strawberries in the pound were moldy. It's waste, but it's not waste I blame myself for.

And, 1/3 of a green apple got wasted. I put it in acidulated water so I wouldn't forget about it, and then I forgot about it.

I'm a little embarrassed by the waste this week, to be honest. I feel like I go a really long time with no waste, and then I guess I just get complacent because I'm so sure I'm not wasting food. And then I waste some food. Normally not this much, but it was a good lesson for me not to grow complacent and to keep paying attention to what's in the fridge needing to be used up.

However, I did make a plum flognard to use up some plums that were a little more tart than I was enjoying. So that wound up being a win in the no waste department.


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