Saturday Spending

I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting myself to the store lately. I'm not really considering that to be a bad thing, since it results in me using more storage. But I don't know how well that'd work for the average person. This week, I only managed to get groceries at all because I had to leave my house for medicine, but I did get it done. Anyway, this is what I spent (where I went a few cents over because I was thinking about being sick and not about money/budget):


$2.78 - romaine hearts (3)
$3.18 - Hebrew National hotdogs
$1.98 - triscuits
$0.63 - can corn
$0.30 - ramen
$2.08 - cocktail onions
$1.58 - banana peppers
$0.63 - canned diced tomatoes
$0.50 - canned stewed tomatoes
$2.12 - salsa
$3.89 - eye of round (1.25 pounds)
$0.44 - cucumber

total: $20.11 (I went over 11 cents, due to all the meat)


  1. Hot dogs and ramen? Sick food of champions, that. Hope you feel better this week. Going over 11 cents when you're sick isn't bad.

  2. It totally is the sick food of champions. I'm finally starting to get better, but I'm still not 100% yet; thanks for the well wishes!

    Yeah, true. If I'm not paying attention and I only go over 11 cents, I guess that's a pretty good sign overall.

  3. Yeah, but you could probably use some meat protein in you these days, as you are less meat-eater than a lot of us.

    Although everytime I see your lists I'm like "wtf is all the stuff that -I- don't consider food?!" Like cocktail onions, or banana peppers. :-P

  4. You're right about that - I eat meat, but usually only a couple times a week. Though when I'm sick, I eat mostly meat for some reason. Yeah, the cocktail onions and banana peppers aren't really food so much as snack items. I love snacking entirely too much, and I've got this endless need to eat as many pickles of every type as possible. My shopping list is always missing stuff like beans, grains, etc because I already have so much of it in storage, so mostly I buy produce, dairy, meat as needed and lots and lots of snacks.


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