Honey Berries

I first learned of this practice in a fermenting group where someone was doing it with cranberries. This is delicious. Everyone should have these in their lives. I make mine exclusively with blueberries since that's the Piggy's current favorite fruit, but friends of mine make them with other berries with equal success. I think you pretty much could use any fruit and still have it be full of win. If you're going to feed this to kids (1+ years old, please!), don't let them see the container or you'll regret them knowing where these are. Hope you enjoy!

24 ounces blueberries

Fill a clean, quart sized Mason jar (or other quart sized vessel not made of metal) with blueberries. Fill with honey until the berries are completely submerged (this takes a while because the honey has to worm its way around all the fruit). Place a non-metal weight on top of the berries (I like to use the tealight holders from Ikea. The small size works in a standard mouth jar and the large size works in a wide mouth. But you can use anything, really, including a boiled rock to keep them submerged), top with a coffee filter that is secured with a rubber band, and leave it on the counter for 3-5 days. Remove rubber band and coffee filter, put a lid on it and refrigerate. The syrup can be used on ice cream, waffles, in club soda, or for making granola bars. Or whatever you feel like using it for. Makes 1 quart berries and syrup.


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