Orange Sherbet

Okay, so this isn't a true sherbet. But it's basically the same flavor. Ross seemed to particularly enjoy this one, given that he ate the entire container in about 15 minutes flat. For some reason, we have a ton of orange juice concentrate in the freezer, but we don't use it to make orange juice (we buy a different, not from concentrate, brand, or squeeze it fresh). So, it needs to be used but not by being thrown or given away. Hope you enjoy!

1 cup sugar
2 cups water
6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate or 1 cup fresh juice
2-4 tablespoons Arabic-style yogurt (or Greek, or whatever you buy)

Boil the sugar and the water for 5 minutes after the sugar dissolves. Add in the orange juice immediately, and let cool for about 10 minutes. Whisk in the yogurt (this takes some time, so be patient). Refrigerate overnight, then process in ice cream maker. Makes a bit less than a quart.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I like your Orange Sherbet, and will give it a try. BTW I noticed you posted somewhere looking for Anne Pliska, thats my favorite fragrance, just to let you know its on Special Sale at


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