Sunday Storage

I know that a small amount of accountability to make me get through all my food storage is a good thing. So Sundays are the day where I tell you what I've used up from the food storage.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to let you guys know that if you have specific stuff you want to see me make, post it on the Sunday posts and I'll start doing requests for either Mondays or Tuesdays.

I will not include standard canned goods in my list of "used up," since I have them in normal-person quantities rather than hoarder quantities. I'm also not going to include stuff from the fridge (unless it's staples I'm storing in there), spices, or anything that falls under normal-person quantities of stuff. But everything I consider to be part of my food storage will be listed as it gets used. I will not torment you guys with a list of precisely what is IN the food storage, since I think it's simpler to just put what I used and let you guys work out how much food it really was I was holding onto later. I guess you guys will also find out how much stuff I cook that I don't tell you about, too. And it'll also be pretty easy to tell how long it takes me to eat whatever I've cooked, since the storage using will vary based on that.

So, here's what I used up:

2 ounces jasmine tea
1/2 - 1 ounce roobios (I believe this is all I had, though I'll look once I get through the teas on the top of the fridge which is when I'll restock from the tea bin)
Somen noodles (finally!)
Forbidden rice


  1. Hmmm... But how do we know what to request if we don't know what you've got?

    I mean, I'm sure you've got beans, and panko, and rice. And you admitted to the pasta thing. but what if my fingers type "zomg, it'd be so cool if you had some kinda breakfast/ desert thing that used staples, 'cause I've got those" and all you had in the pantry was... rice and beans and pasta (oh, and vanilla sugar, I'm sure you've still got vats of that). I can has rice pudding?


    You used up 2 *ounces* of jasmine tea? *ounces*? Zomg, that's a lot of tea.

    Also, also- you ever cook anything with tea? I've seen some recipes, and I've thought about a couple ideas, but... meh.

  2. Yeah, that's a totally fair question. I'm working on a list of stuff that's in the Cave (and pantry), which is listed as a separate page.

    Strangely, I don't own panko, but I want to. I should probably put that on my shopping list, huh?

    Yep, you can definitely have rice pudding. I'll get right on it ASAP!

    I know - I am really trying to hit the tea hard. Though I honestly don't know that I can keep that same pace up. I feel like I'm drinking nothing but tea. I've made rice with tea in it before, but I've yet to test out all those popular green tea cookies and stuff. Once, I had a tea salad at a Burmese restaurant and I'd love to figure out how to replicate that thing.

  3. Wait, I have something you don't? WIN!!! I have no idea what to use it in yet, tho...

    I think about chai-seasoned snickerdoodles every time I brew a mug. Haven't worked it out, but someday, maybe.

    Now finish my (v. small) mug of wine, and off to dream of drink-filled foods.

  4. Forbidden rice? I'm intrigued...

    Also, Pioneer Woman is in love with panko. You can check her blog or tasty kitchen for panko recipes.

  5. j.,

    I think you can pretty much use it in place of regular breadcrumbs in any recipe. As far as I know, anyway. For the cookies, I'd probably eliminate the cinnamon in the recipe and just blend a bag of your tea into a fine powder then use it in place of the cinnamon for the recipe.


    It's a black, short grain rice. Really pretty to look at, since it's purple black when cooked and it has a rich, nutty flavour.


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