Saturday Spending

Like I mentioned yesterday, holidays make life a little easier for me. Most years I go somewhere for Thanksgiving, and this one was no exception. So I didn't have a lot of food shopping to do for the week, since I spent most of it out of town. I'll need a little produce and perhaps a day's worth of meat since I'm back home now, but that's not too bad.

I wanted to mention also that I needed to add one more rule to the ones I posted last week, which is that I can't be buying rice either. I still have a massive amount of white, brown, red, jasmine and medium rices left. And, I wanted to admit I already broke one of my rules by buying a package of spinach noodles. I just couldn't help myself.

So, on to the shopping. Normally I don't count the food that I buy while I'm in transit between one city and another, and I'm not going to count it now but I am going to mention it.

Gas station:

$3.29 for three bags of chips
$1.50 for a Diet Coke

Total: $4.79

Gas station:

$0.99 - Diet Coke
0.99 - Reese's peanut butter pumpkin

Total: $1.98

Likewise, I tend to not count money I spend at restaurants and bars while I'm out of town (because really, what's the point of a vacation if you have to stick to your $20/week budget), but I'm going to mention this too.


Nomad: $6
Pablitos: $1
Chuy's: $17
Magnolia: $34.90

Total: $58.90

And, on to the real spending that actually counts toward my budget:


$4.99 - Massive bin of pretzel rods

Total: $4.99

MT Supermarket:

$2.49 - Kombu
$1.58 - Tamarind candy
$0.79 - Can of coconut juice
$4.99 - Sesame oil
$2.39 - Spinach noodles

Total: $12.44 (including 20 cents tax)
Grocery grand total: $17.43


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