Hiatus... Again

Hi guys. I think I mentioned to y'all that aside from the health problems I've been dealing with, I've had some other major life changes underway. One of those changes is that P and I are not together anymore. I'm moving out of our house and into an apartment on Friday (well, I'm sure it'll take the whole weekend, but I start moving Friday), and I cannot imagine trying to get all my things packed and moved, figure out what P is keeping and what I am taking from the shared items, etc. while having to do the dishes after cooking. And while keeping up on my homework so I don't fail my classes. Moving mid-semester? Not something I recommend, so if you can avoid it please do so.

My plan is to cook nothing until after I am done with the move and am unpacked. This, I think, should not take me more than a week or two. I'm moving into a really small place compared to where I live now. This means I have to think carefully about what I'm bringing. I will, however, be bringing The Cave, so no one needs to worry about that. :) My plan is to leave P the foods he would actually cook and eat, which means most of the food in the house will come with me.

The upside is that once I'm on my own in the new place, I will probably be cooking a lot more (since you know I rarely seem to go for take out when I'm on my own), which means a lot more posting.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know I'd be missing again, but that there should be more regular posting finally once I get back.

I think I normally give y'all dog pictures, but today is a cat picture. :)


  1. Wow, that's a busy week+. Concentrate on getting your stuff out first. It'll be easier to figure out what you need/ what goes with you from the shared stuff/ what'll fit after you've got your stuff over there.

    It's tough moving, but it's gotta be easier than staying after things go south. Good luck, think of it as an adventure, and don't forget to sleep!

  2. Wow, good luck! I just moved all of my stuff into storage yesterday, so I have the sore arms to commiserate with the work ahead of you! You'll do fine, and it's always fun with a new place.

  3. I've moved during a semester before. It was terrible, so I can sympathize. I think what killed me though was that after furniture was moved by movers, I had to spend a week moving boxes by car at night (2-3 loads per night). Additionally, I had to repaint the hallway that the mover's scuffed up. It was a ridiculous amount of work. I found myself at my wit's end at 2am night after night, thinking that nightmares don't get much worse than that when there is no time to study, no time to take care of your life's basic needs, sleeping little, and there feels like there is no end to the work in sight.

    Good luck with the move. Hopefully you don't have to repaint or clean too much, and it's just a straight-forward move.

  4. j,

    Yeah, for sure - stuff moved, then I can worry about what's missing. I think right now I'm torn between relief and resistance to change. But it'll be an adventure, regardless.


    Oh, I forgot about the sore arms! Mine will definitely be sore come Monday!


    Oh, I hope I don't have to do any painting of any sort. The apartment is completely clean (I saw it today) and even the bathtub's been refinished, so that's a plus. They did say I can paint my walls in the apartment if I want to, though. Maybe I'll do that after finals. But yeah, I'm worried about getting no sleep on top of moving and homework and a big project I'm in the middle of for school.


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