Silly Salad

This is not so much a recipe as an idea which can easily be adapted to any level of laziness, illness or lack of time. My finals finished up well and I got the grades I was expecting, so all was well there. But, I've wound up with a particularly uncomfortable illness which has kept me on the couch, cooking nothing. Nonetheless, I get snacky sometimes and want something light. So I've been keeping some salad mixes in the fridge as convenience food. Sorry to have neglected you all so much, but sadly this is the best I have to offer for the time being (though believe me, I have lots of ideas in the works for when I am feeling better!).

Here's the silly salad I made tonight. Hope you enjoy!

1/2 bowl romaine with carrots mix (or whatever salad mix you prefer)
1/4 cup celery slices
1/8 cup pistachios
3/4 cup broccoli, cabbage and carrot mix (or whatever else you prefer)
some dried fruit if you like (optional; today I didn't opt but sometimes I do)
salad dressing of choice

Mix all this together and eat. Serves 1.


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