Food Waste Friday

P is gone for the summer, for an internship in Chicago. While this makes me sad, this does have the minor bonus of me being able to eat anything I want instead of balancing what I want with what he wants to eat. The other bonus is that it will be much easier for me to manage food waste, because for the entirety of the summer there will be no food in the house that I don't like.

My goal for this summer is to eat out of the pantry and freezer, only going to the grocery store when I need fresh produce. If I'm able to accomplish this, not only should I be wasting little to no food (my preference, of course, is no food wasted), but I shouldn't really be spending more than $5/week to eat.

Anyway, on to the waste.

This week I wasted:


I think this is 2 weeks in a row. WOO!


  1. Huzbun is gone for just this weekend, and I am feeling a similar level of food freedom! yay!

  2. I hear ya - as much as we might miss them while they're gone, it's awesome eating only what we want!


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