Bean Sprout Salad

Sometimes we get Vietnamese take-out, and I always get the chicken pho. I'm not sure when I moved away from the loveliness of beef tendon (though P kindly lets me eat some of his tendon when he gets beef pho), but for some reason it happened. Perhaps out of laziness regarding making my own chicken soup? Perhaps just for a lighter meal? I have no idea. What I do know, however, is that I am consistently given more bean sprouts than I could possibly fit in my soup bowl (even given that the pho is always two meals for me). This, however, is a good thing in my eyes. When it happens, I always save one of the many lime wedges they give me as well, and this makes for a wonderful salad later. When I crave it and haven't recently eaten Vietnamese I just buy bean sprouts and it works out just as well. I take this little salad all over with me (which is to say, I take it to school and to work. I don't go anywhere else), and all the people who've thought it seemed strange but tried it anyway seemed to enjoy it. Because of this, it occurred to me that maybe I should mention it to you all. Either way, hope you enjoy!

1 cup bean sprouts
1 lime wedge
1-2 tablespoons pickled ginger (optional, but sometimes it's good like that)
torn up cilantro and/or basil (optional)

Combine bean sprouts, herbs (if using) and ginger (if using). Squeeze lime over it, and stir. Eat. Serves 1.


  1. This sounds so delightful, fresh, and refreshing!

  2. Thanks, Astra! I love this for a light snack!


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