Food Waste Friday

Oy vey. This week I did very, very poorly on controlling food waste. I think this is the most food I've wasted in quite some time, and I'm kind of embarrassed. What I find most odd about this week's waste, however, is that the brunt of it was bread related. That's weird to me because I obsess over bread and almost always eat any piece of bread that falls within my line of vision. That being said, I wasted:

3 slices of white bread (this is actually P's bread, but I should've finished the loaf)
just under 2 loaves of kaak
half a head of butter lettuce


  1. Just a thought...could you have made a kind of bread salad with the left over kaak and bread?

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

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  3. You know, Mary, you're absolutely right. I forgot entirely about bread salads! Thanks for this idea; next time there's too much bread to be eaten I know what to do with it!

  4. I never met a bread salad I liked. But...bread pudding would be another tasty use!

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is kaak?

  5. Chile,

    I'm okay w/ bread salad, but only as long as it's dressed JUST before I eat it. Can't do the wet bread thing.

    Kaak is a middle eastern (also near east and some of Africa) bread. I guess there are several kinds, but I buy the ones that're in rings. They're wonderful w/ tzaziki dip (and others). Here's a link that shows it:


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