Austin Farmer's Market

On last Saturday (Jule 2nd), I did a presentation for the Austin Farmer's market. While I am accustomed to speaking to groups of smaller than 10, this was a lot of people and I was a bit nervous. The theme was "Picnic in the Park," so in line w/ this, my recipes were melon w/ fig-infused vinegar and honey, and a seared bison sandwich. They both seemed to come out pretty well, and the audience looked like they enjoyed the food.

And they laughed at my jokes, which you really can't beat. I'm not normally funny to anyone but myself, so I appreciated that they got my sense of humor.

Anyway, while I was really nervous at first, once everything got underway I relaxed and had a really great time w/ it. I was surprised by how much fun it was!! Andrew, the project manager, asked if I'd be interested in doing it again in the fall. I most certainly would enjoy it. It's great for exposure and it's SO much fun!!


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