Saturday Spending

Well, I finally broke my long streak of not going to the grocery store. Strangely, it wasn't actually oranges that finally made me go. It was bread flour. I don't know how to function without flour. Though of course, while I was there I figured I might as well pick up another orange. I'd honestly forgotten what my budget for the summer was, so I had to go look. Apparently it's $40 per month. Do y'all remember us deciding on that? I didn't. I also didn't remember that I said eating out would be included in my food budget, as per how things were done last summer. Well, that part's just not going to happen. I've developed this terrible, albeit fun, habit of eating out with my workout partners after we leave the gym. I really enjoy doing this, but it certainly doesn't fit in with a $40/month grocery budget. So we're scrapping that part and just sticking to a reduced grocery budget instead of a reduced everything budget. A girl's gotta be able to have some fun in her life, and since my fun mostly centers around eating, eating out is something I'm going to keep allowing myself to do over the summer.

Anyway, here's what I spent:


$0.99 - celery
$3.29 - bread flour
$1.00 - 2 cucumbers
$0.80 - orange
$0.51 - nectarine
$0.30 - apricots
$0.32 - black plum


Money spent: $7.21
Weekly allotment: $10
Monthly allotment: $40
Amount over weekly allotment: $0
Amount over monthly allotment: $0
Remaining balance: $32.79


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