Sunday Storage

Wow, this is back now too! Sorry for missing all this stuff, guys. I know I've been a flake. Recipe will be along tomorrow.

Since I last wrote up a Sunday post, the following have been used:

Grape leaves
2-3 pounds chick peas
1 pound navy beans
2 pounds white rice
handful of bulghur wheat
some rolled oats (though a friend of mine keeps a massive container of those here too, for when he's studying here and wants to eat oatmeal)
all of the all-purpose flour (I bought another bag though and am only keeping one bag at a time in the house, like a normal person, now)
1 jar yeast
6 pounds sugar
1 container baking powder
1 pound pasta

So... yeah. Kind of a lot. WOO!


  1. Wow... That is a ton of stuff to work through. What did you end up making with all that flour?

  2. Mostly I made pita with it, since I've been making tons and tons of hummus. But you're right - it is a ton I've worked through. Apparently I've still been food productive, even though I forgot to ever post anything.


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