The Cave

Okay, so as you guys know, "The Cave" refers to my silly amount of food storage. Since we're doing a Sunday update every week letting people know what I've gotten through in the Cave, I thought you all might like to see what's in there. So, as I have time, I'm updating this page to show you. It'll be slow going, since I'm only basically willing to look at one category of food at a time, since it takes too long to tally things.


3 pounds cannellini
2 pounds flageolet
5 4 1 1/2 pounds blackeyed peas
3 2 pounds navy
1 pound great northern
3 1/4 1 pounds black
04 1 pound chick peas
1 1/2 pounds small red
1 1/2 pounds appaloosa
1 pound red kidney
1/2 pound lima
1 pound cargamananto
1/4 pound anasazi
1 pound pinto

Total beans: 28 pounds


1 pound jasmine
10 8 pounds long grain white
6 ounces wild
2 1 pounds (maybe a bit more) red
3  1 pounds medium (including calrose)
2 pounds brown

total pounds: 18 pounds 6 ounces

Other Grains:

1 1/4 pounds bulghur
1/4 pound spelt
2 1 1/2 pounds white wheat
1 pound rolled oats
1 pound steel cut oats
1 pound lentils


6 4 pounds bread flour
Most of a box of cake flour
1-2 pounds All-purpose flour
Wondra flour
1 pound cheap corn meal
2 pounds manioc flour
1 pound tapioca starch
1 kilo type 55 flour
1-2 pounds each: pastry flour, rye, whole wheat
1/2 pound semolina flour
4-5 ounces mesquite flour
self-rising flour (1 pound I think)

Assorted Staples:

Beignet mix
Corn syrup
Corn starch
Powdered milk
Powdered egg whites
2 1 pounds polenta
wheat bran and germ
boatload of yeast (1 jar remains)
beet syrup (light and dark)
cocoa powder
assorted dried fruits (mango, papaya, guava, dates, cherries, cranberries, raisins, golden raisins, figs, prunes)
10+ 4 2 4 pounds white sugar
3 1 pounds brown sugar
gallon half gallon vanilla sugar
baking soda and powder
Dream whip
unflavoured gelatin
evaporated milk
lots of dark chocolate
2 pounds matzot
15-20 12 jars of assorted jams, jellies and preserves
lots of honey (orange and local wilflower)
1/2 kilo kamruddin
grape leaves
cactus leaves
approximately 10 pounds assorted dried mushrooms (shitake, porcini, trumpet, chanterelle, oyster, snow, etc)
truffle vodka (1.25 gallons)
assorted vinegars (sherry, cognac, tangerine basil, rosemary, red wine, rice, expensive balsamics, white, white wine, cider, osmanthus and plum I think is all of them)
assorted oils (soy, olive, rosemary infused olive, sesame)
standard canned goods (tomatoes, palm hearts, olives, anchovies, etc)
instant coffee for baking

(I have to double check but I think that's it for this category)

Asian Noodles and Such:

10  4-5 packages rice vermicelli
4 packages spring roll wrappers
1 package tea noodles
1 package spinach noodles
1 package wakame
1 package kombu
1 pound plus a 32-ounce jar bonito

(I have to double check but I think that's it for this category)